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19 September 2000

What inspired you to become an actor?

“I think deep down I always wanted to be an actor. It was the one thing in school that I was undoubtedly enthusiastic about and good at. I coasted along being good at German, Geography, English and Football but there wasn’t anything that I could really call my thing, my niche.

In second year of school I was given the part of one of Scrooges workers in ‘Christmas Carol’ and just relished the performance as well as the rehearsals. In the next few years I was to play Bugsy Malone and the Artful Dodger in school plays and started to look outside of school for more plays to do.

I joined Manchester Youth Theatre and was always given encouragement by family and teachers etc.

So in direct answer to your question I think the thing that inspired me to be an actor was the fact that when I acted I enjoyed it and was always told that if I worked hard enough I could go somewhere.”

If you weren’t an actor what other profession would you have chosen?

“If I wasn’t an actor and could pick a profession I would be a professional football player – left wing for Manchester United but realistically I think I would have gone to Uni and then travelled and I think I would have delayed ‘real work’ for a while and tried to be a scuba diving instructor in Thailand or Bali, Fiji wherever!!”

What techniques/methods do you use to memorise your lines?

“Due to the long hours we are working on this movie, 13 or 15 hours sometimes!!, there is more than enough time to learn lines.

If there is a particularly long section of dialogue or a lot of lines I tend to read it only twice or three times. I have always found that I have done my best work when I don’t quite know my lines. So sometimes I unlearn my lines by throwing in words that are not there and then taking them out in the take.”

What would be your dream role?

“Dream role – playing one of the Busby Babes, or a footballer or a surfer as we have all taken up surfing and are loving it. Seriously, any role that is written well and is challenging for me in a job with a good director and dealing with a subject matter that I find interesting and I am happy.”

Of all the characters you have played which would you consider as being most like yourself?

“Character most like me? Obviously all the parts that I have played have a element of me in them ‘cos I am playing them. I think Merry has a lot of the attitude that I live by – optimistic, cheeky, cocky, quick and ready but also Etienne had a lot of fire inside him which I possess. I played Geoff in Hetty Wainthropp Investigates for four years so I literally grew up with that programme and there is a lot of Geoff in me as well.”



Written by Eli

April 11, 2009 at 11:30 am

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