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April 03, 2008
“Lost’s” Dominic Monaghan found hanging with Jimmy Kimmel, Sarah Silverman

DominicmonaghanHere’s something we didn’t expect to see at the “Jimmy Kimmel Live” 1000th episode party on Thursday night: Dominic Monaghan. The dearly departed “Lost” star was making the rounds poolside at the Hollywood Roosevelt hotel and hanging with “it” couple Jimmy Kimmel and Sarah Silverman.

Monaghan must’ve had a good time making the Jimmy Kimmel-Ben Affleck music vid a few months back (he’s in the sing-along celeb gospel choir). He’s also guested on “Kimmel” five times since the dawn of “Lost” in the fall of 2004.

Monaghan, looking very neat and clean (we still can’t get used to that) in a crisp open-collar dress shirt and white cotton pants, didn’t stay in one spot for too long, but we stopped him long enough to share a heartfelt “awwww” over Charlie’s heroic sacrifice. Thesp said he’s “trying to do something with Sarah for her show” (presumably the Comedy Central skein that resumes production in the next few weeks) and he does read the scripts that “Touchstone” (guess he didn’t get the memo on the name change to ABC Studios) is sending him but is more focused on film than TV these days.

Monaghan reported that he’s just wrapped production on the “X-Men: Wolverine” pic and is soon off “to go find the world’s biggest spider.” Not entirely sure what that means. We do know that there’s a shot of spider in the “Happy Accidents” exhibition of photos that Monaghan recently had on display at West Hollywood art gallery Hamilton-Selway Fine Art.

By the dim light of the heat lamps at the party, Monaghan looked cheery and chipper, like he was enjoying himself. Heck, that’s all we ever wanted for Charlie…isn’t it?



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April 5, 2009 at 5:08 pm

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